Anxious, undecided or confused as a new graduate nurse? 

Want to get a dream job ASAP to pay off loans/debts & live the life you always wanted?  

Burnout, traumatized by bad managers, constantly feeling physically tired and mentally drained as a working nurse? 

Looking for your way out of bedside nursing & balance your work-life balance to spend MORE time with loved ones and do things that mean MORE for you?  

I have been there and I can help you !

I offer simple, time-efficient, easy-to-understand and practical ways to help you finding & landing the next dream job ! Ask me how by clicking below. 

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A Little About Me & Soul Searching For YOU

My name is Ella and the face behind New Era Nurses. 

I have worked as a bedside nurse in many different fields: that includes primary care, telemetry, Med-Surg, Home care, Long-term care, ICU, CVICU, PACU, travel nurse etc etc… you name them all ! 

Throughout my “complicated” relationship with the nursing profession, I have been interviewed A LOT and also have done A LOT of interviews. I failed, I succeeded and sometimes left ghosted by many companies. Nursing truly is bittersweet…

But there is one thing I realized after all these years: 

Our school has taught us how to save others but NEVER how to develop ourselves. 

I can help you to achieve ALL THE ABOVE:

And that’s WHY I am here today as who I am. 

I can help you to achieve your goals without sacrificing your mental health, quality time with loved ones & physical well-being.  

Enjoy what you do, who you do it with and how you do it with EASE by working with me! Find out more by booking our first FREE 1:1 session down below. 

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